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Question ? BIOS Updates for Epia-Boards fix DMA-Issues   [
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 BIOS Updates - Several people are experiencing lockups with the EPIA Boards, often these lockups are encountered during large data transfers, this is most likely a DMA problem and many have reported that it goes away when using the following BIOS update -- Note: Reports do suggest that the M series boards work well with the newest BIOS update, however users of CL and MII boards still report the lockups. These are clearly "test" BIOS and you should not apply them unless you are having the lockup problem. Also, many reports of hard freezes are due to the longhaul driver that is in the currrent kernel, before you apply one of these BIOS updates, make sure that your longhaul driver is not being controlled by a daemon. 

Entered by smurphy on Monday, 05 September 2005 @ 19:15:39  
Linux on VIA Epia Hardware - Common Linux problems, # Hits: 110373

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