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Question ? The Vt1211 sensors-module driver does not work under kernel 2.6.13 ?  

 The 2.6.13 kernel requires an updated vt1211 driver. Using an old vt1211 driver gives a kernel "Oops" when sysfs files are accessed to monitor the hw.

A patch for 2.6.13 is available at or attached to this FAQ here.
This patch is to be applied to a plain-kernel 2.6.13.
You'll find more informations on that page...
you can alternatively also grab a copy of the plain vt1211.c file - The driver can be built manually with:

 echo "obj-m := vt1211.o" > Makefile
 make -C /path/to/your/kernel2.6/source/dir SUBDIRS=$PWD modules

The patch also works with kernel 

Entered by smurphy on Tuesday, 20 September 2005 @ 23:52:42  
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Attach   linux-2.6.13-vt1211.patch.txt  [ 34,161 bytes - text/plain ]
Attach   vt1211.c  [ 30,614 bytes - text/x-csrc ]

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