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Question ? How do I install the backup scripts ?  

 Install the RPM-archive with:

rpm -Uhv stargate-backup-x.xx-xmdk.noarch.rpm

If you install the tar-file - make sure the files are in the following locations:


Edit the /etc/backup/*.cfg files - and adapt to your needs. Explanations are in there. Make sure you have the Backup-Directory well defined.

Make a test with - as user root: -f # for a full backup -i # for an Incremental Backup - since last full backup !

The report will tell you where to find your backed-up archives. If all runs fine - activate the Cronjob by editing the /etc/cron.d/Backup file (Uncomment the respective lines and adapt times).

NOTE: First run a Full-backup - else the incremental backups will fail ! 

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