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Question ? How do I configure the backup-script ?  

 The following files do exist:

  • backup.cfg This is the general configuration file. You can configure the general beheaviour of the backup system, as setting defaults. Check the file itself for details.
  • exclude_list.cfg With this file - you define all files, directories you don't want to be included in the backup. wildcards (regular expressions) are allowed - Format is simple: one per line. Check the file for an example.
  • mirror_list.cfg The mirror file list configuration. This for the mirror backup. Format is simple:


    This will result in a backup-file prefix of:


  • backup_list.cfg The regular backup-list. This is the list ofr directories/files done on a regular base. The System will perform Incremental/Full backups using this configuration file. Format is as before:


    This will result in a backup-file prefix of:


  • nocompress.cfg List of file-extensions to not compress. This is a nice thing - to define special file type to not beeing compressed. Note that the system will only handle that on the file-name extensions. Format is a space separated list on one line. check the file for an example.

To make all these work nicely together - a cronjob will schedule all these to make sure you always have a nice backup of important data laying around. Following time-schedules have proved to be OK for a Private home-system:

  • 4h05am - Incremental every day - except on sunday mornings
  • 4h05am - Full backup on sundays
  • 7h05am - Mirror backup once the first of every month

Saved my Data more than once already ! 

Entered by smurphy on Wednesday, 31 August 2005 @ 22:32:55  
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