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Question ? How do I recover data from the backup archive ?   [
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 First - find out what backup-file you do require in the so called list-file, e.g.:

bzip2 -dc | less

If you require only one specific file - extract it to a temporary directory - e.g.:

afio -i -Z -P bzip2 system_www_2005-08-12_incr.afio

Note - that you can get the options out of the regular backup-report you get:

*** Compression: yes (-Z -P bzip2 -Q -c)

If you add a supplementary -v -z - you'll also have some listing flying over your screen. 

Entered by smurphy on Thursday, 01 September 2005 @ 00:07:23  
Questions on specific software - Stargate's Backup script, # Hits: 70711
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