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Question ? What's the stargate Backup script ?   [
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 The biggest problem with all the backup solutions that do exist require loads of hardware and resources to actually work. What I was looking for - was a small solution - not requiring loads of resources, simple to set up - and providing a reliable backup of important data. This is what Stargate's backup script is providing.
The main features of the system are:

  • Compress files before writing them into the archive (e.g. you can recover part of the files if the archive is corrupt)
  • Does not compress files that are already compressed. Speeds up the backup process. Also gives the possibility to choose specific file extensions to not compress.
  • Ability to exclude files/directories using wildcards
  • Generates a report - sent out to root through cron The report also shows the actual configuration settings. Check out the attached example reports - taken from a real-backup environment
  • Perform full,mirror and incremental backups (controlled through cron)
  • Archive rotation is included, e.g. rotate archive X times before deleting them.
  • Quiet mode operation if requested
  • simple easy installation and configuration
  • Script locking - to prevent the backup script is started more than once.

Requirements: The following programs need to be installed - afio, bzip2, sed, awk, find, bash. Any Linux system should have these installed (afio needs to be explicitely installed).  

Entered by smurphy on Wednesday, 31 August 2005 @ 23:15:55  
Questions on specific software - Stargate's Backup script, # Hits: 70686

Attach   Incremental_backup.txt  [ 5,143 bytes - text/plain ]
Attach   Full_backup.txt  [ 5,580 bytes - text/plain ]
Attach   Mirror_backup.txt  [ 2,381 bytes - text/plain ]
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