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Question ? Adding USB Wireless Lan for Lex CV860A System  

 Get the newest snapshot from the CVS repository under:
Unpack the archive in /usr/src/ - assuming you have already compiled the kernel version (Adapted in the Makefile of the kernel-source directory)

tar xzvf at76c503a-cvsroot.tar.gz
mv at76c503a CVS
cvs -d `pwd`/CVS co at76c503a
cd at76c503a
make KERNEL_VERSION= install
/sbin/depmod -ae -F

Note that you don' t need to specify all kernel-related version stuff when already running the kernel you compiled the driver against.
I have found out that there are several Firmware Versions available for this WLan Module - and I still don't know where I got the latest version - but in case someone looks for it - check it out firmware version 1.103.2 #175.
Please note that I tested it with USB device ID: 03eb:7605 only.

Note that some people have reported version 1.103.2 not to work on their hardware. In that case - use firmware version 1.101.0 #84. This version seems to work almost everywhere.  

Entered by smurphy on Sunday, 19 August 2007 @ 00:01:53  
Linux on VIA Epia Hardware - CV860A / Lex Light, # Hits: 88897

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