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Question ? How do I need to configure the sensors stuff on the Lex CV860A ?  

 Actually - the lm_sensors 2.7.x package performs a quite good identification of the existing hardware. On my system - the following modules need to be loaded using a 2.6.12 kernel - in the /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors:


Make sure you use the ISA Bus, as the SMBus uses the lm80 Chip/Module which provides only Junk data. Also - the /etc/sensors.conf file looks like this:

chip "via686a-*"
    label "1.5V" "CPU core"
    label "2.5V" "+2.5V"
    label "3.3V" "I/O"
    label "5.0V" "+5.0V"
    label "12V" "+12V"
    ignore fan1  #"CPU Fan"
    ignore fan2  #"P/S Fan"
    label temp1 "CPU Temp"
    label temp2 "SYS Temp"
    ignore temp3 #"SBr Temp"
    set temp1_hyst 50
    set temp1_over 55
    set temp2_hyst 55
    set temp2_over 60
    set temp3_hyst 60
    set temp3_over 65

That provides me decent data on the System. Note that the mini-ITX-Lex system is passive cooled - so no FANs. After creating the sensors.conf file - run "sensors -s" and you should be done. 

Entered by smurphy on Sunday, 19 August 2007 @ 00:01:52  
Linux on VIA Epia Hardware - CV860A / Lex Light, # Hits: 89005

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