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Question ? For a website that talks about security you have an invalid security certificate !  

 The certificate itself is valid. The Certification Authority actually is one I have created myself - so my own certification authority. What is more secure than the key's you have signed yourself ? Even a third party certification authority would not provide me that level of sdecurity.

And the most secure Certificate is actually the one you sign yourself, of course with High-Bit encryption. Check the certificate Details and the CA Details. You'll notice that the same person issued them on this site.

Main reason is I also choosed to sign my key's myself is that for some path's I require a valid client-side certificate - signed by the same CA the WebServer is signed. So - I don't really have a choice. A Verisign Certificate for 1 Server and 1 Client would cost me more than 3000 US$ ... That's defenitly too much for a Hobby.

Note that several Signing authorities have been compromised in the past to start phishing attacks. I had the choice to buy a Cheap Certificate Signing, or do it myself. 

Entered by smurphy on Tuesday, 13 May 2008 @ 21:36:05  
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