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Question ? Why does phpPhobos look so weird in IE ?  

 Many people are sending me notes that my site looks screwed when browsing on it using IE. Actually - the Internet Explorer is so buggy - that you have - as a web-site developer - to program around almost every new bug release of the Internet Explorer - so I decided to just skip it. All other browsers I am testing my site with - work flawlessly - as they at least respect the basics of HTML and CSS Programming!

The best bet is to at least set your screen resolution to 1280x1024 - this is what this site has been optimized for.

Remember - to have a secure site - you need to be able to read the code !
Adding exception for every IE Bug would make it unreadable.

Note - that seeing backgrounds of strange colors on the pictures is due to the fact that IE6 is not able to show transparent PNG files. Send a Mail to microsoft for that.

Note: Many people are telling that they can not log into my site with internet Explorer using the secured https mode. For your information - this website requires a Key Exchange using normal Diffie-Hellman, and an encryption level higher 128bit. It seems many Internet Explorer Versions can only handle 128bit - and not more. Hence - you will be locked out.
Why I do this ? If the limit imposed is set to 128bit - then secret services have more problems to decrypt higher encryption levels. This is what I call - Privacy !  

Entered by smurphy on Tuesday, 18 March 2008 @ 16:24:38  
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