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Monday, 23 April 2018  -
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  Question ?  Updating the Letsencrypt certificates   
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Question ? Updating the Letsencrypt certificates   [
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 To update the letsencrypt certificates, use the script

~# /usr/local/bin/

It will handle everything that is required on the Stargate Web/Mail server that needs to be updated.
For the NAS, the certs are in the /etc/letsencrypt/live/ directory.
2 Updates need to be made:

  • haproxy: concat the private key and the certificate chain files together,

    cat  privkey9.pem fullchain9.pem > haproxy.pem 

    and copy these to the appropriate haproxy ssl-key/cert directory. After that, restart the haproxy docker instance.

  • OMV UI: Extract the key and certificate and copy & Paste these into the UI of the NAS Admin UI certificates section. In the end, assign the OMV to use the new certificate.


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