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Domain registration data moved to secrecy  
Posted by smurphy on Wednesday, 4 June 2008 - 12:40  GMT
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 as the rejected spam level has increased heavily in the last months - I started to investigate where my E-Mail address was published. The most common place I actually have no control over - was the Whois Data entry at the Domain registration.
However DynDns has a service called secret registration. After registering to that service - people will have to contact DynDns to actually get my details.

Nice, simple and efficie...  

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Debian ssl blunder - affected or not ?  
Posted by smurphy on Thursday, 22 May 2008 - 22:15  GMT
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 well - the SolSys systems where actually not affected. The Ubuntu LTS 6.06.1 running in here are way to old for that bug. However - as every admin should do it - I have checked all keys and not found a single vulnerable key.
So - for all of you wanting to know how I did that - I actually use a smal guideline found on the Heise pages. Sorry - german version only - however any security expert would understand...  

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Weather @ 21:31 on Sat, Jul 24 2021 UTC
Location: Clermont de l'Oise
  > Temperature: 17.9 °C
  > Atmospheric Pressure: 1,000.45 hPa
  > Humidity: 97.00 %
  > Precipitation: 1.40 mm
  > Wind speed: 0.00 Kph
  > Wind Gust: 0.00 Kph
  > Wind Direction: 0° N
  > Air Quality: 500 µg/m³
  > Lightning counter: 149
  > Light: 79Lux
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