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HTTPS only activated  
Posted by smurphy on Wednesday, 9 July 2014 - 21:05  GMT
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 The phpPhobos/Stargate website has been configured to only accept HTTPS connections due to recent revelations concerning secret service around the globe spying on all connections to create metadata.
The only protection for us - humble citizens on this planet - is to provide the secret services so many data to de-crypt that it won't make a difference anymore.
As a little add-on, this site will allow only high grade encryption ciphers, and especially those known to not allow Man in the Middle attacks.

Note: The fact that this certificate is not "valid" comes from the fact that I did create my own CA (Certification Authority), and that I signed my own Certificate with my own private Key which is not valid from a Browsers point of view. So it is absolutely normal to receive a Warning message from your browser when browsing my site about a non valid certificate. But in the end - ask yourself this question: What is more secure for me: A certificate I have signed myself, or one I have made sign by a certification authority that does not care about security and eventually creates a new one for secret service so they can intercept the traffic to my site without you noticing ?

See this as my little contribution to freedom of speech worldwide. 

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