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Amazingly bad Apple support  
Posted by smurphy on Sunday, 20 January 2013 - 12:46  GMT
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iPod Touch 4G

 Apple support, IOS 6, and knowledge ...
Last Week-End, I thought that I could finally upgrate my iPod 4G to IOS 6.0.1, thinking that most bugs, network WiFi etc. had been finally fixed.
Doing the upgrade, everything worked fine. Everything synced as planned, iPod restarted and - No network ! I had the network Sign up in the left corner, but no possibility to actually connect to the IP on the iPod or do any test from the iPod to another device.
Calling Apple support because they do not accept EMails (It's the 21st Century... Hellooooo !!! Anybody there ?) I had to first go through all the Question/Answer lists of the Lady, leading to nothing. In the end - I was told that due to the age of this Device - there is no more warranty (2 Years old BTW) - and that probably the WiFi device inside is broken. She proposed me to buy a new one ... at which I answered: It cannot be that before the 6.0.1 Upgrade the WiFi worked, and with 6.0.1 it does not. If the WiFi got broken in between, then IOS 6.0.1 has broken that device. You can Imagine the reaction from apple support.

Not believing what our Highly Qualified Apple Technicians told me, I started to hunt down the issue on my own. And in the end - I figured out what the issue is. So - it seems that Apple has silently dropped tkip support in the Unicast/Group ciphers when using WPA/WPA2. Changing these to aes solved all issues.

Apple, Thank you so much for your always belowed way of hiding real informations from the world. You have earned yourself a Bullshit Award for that, and this one comes from the bottom of my heart !  

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