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New home for server/NAS  
Posted by smurphy on Thursday, 12 April 2012 - 19:36  GMT
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 it took some time to actually get the Furniture for our (my wife and mine) office, and since it came last week, I couldn't push back the fact that I needed to move the server from it's old (non design) Rack, to a new one I am partly responsible for.
For the sake of Administration, I did put in a KVM, and mounted a screen outside on the Rack, and even added a space for the keyboard, making it look pretty cool in the end. I just hope I won't get a temperature problem, as it's all in the same room.
On the same occasion, I removed the FreeBox and put my beloved RB493G routerboard back in, helped by a Modem/Router which provides the bridge on Free's network. ADSL over a kind of ATM network. Pretty weird, and broken by design IMHO.  

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