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FSK 16 - in Germany ?  
Posted by smurphy on Sunday, 5 December 2010 - 21:27  GMT
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Usual suspect

 a new law comes - and this one base on the FSK
From January 1st 2011, all sites providing uncontrolled access to data are required to tag the data entries with apropriate FSK values.
This is again - a stupid law - done by people having absolutely no idea on how the Internet works.
So we see once again - how good our governments are working. Especially - how much brain they put into their decisions - namely: zero ! (It's not their fault - they have no brains left anyway, or just don't know how to use it)

FYI - in germany, you see X-Rated content etc. in every magazin store, the X-Rated DVD's are aligned next to the kids animatinos in some Media stores. And you know how self-speaking the pics are on these magazines/DVD covers !

-> Sarcasm ON
I think that I will add an own TAG on my site (will have to design it first though - so if anyone is a good designer and want to provide the open source software world such a Tag - you're most welcome). This Tag will be:

-> Content not suitable for Politicians with IQ lower than 100%

Eventually the Tag could contain a percentage Number in it - so we could add automatically if politicians with an IQ of 20, 50 or 100 could understand it.

However - according to the latest info I have - even a Politician IQ Tag 20% would hardly be understood by any politician ... Where there is no brain, there cannot be any intelligence...
-> Sarcasm OFF

NOTE: This site will not be affected. As the Admin of this site has to actively enable content ! every entry is controlled by HIM -> BOFH ! 

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