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RC Model Manager
Model nameName/Designation of the model.
  Bo 209 Monsun  
Model ManufacturerModel Manufacturer
Model typeType of the model, depending on propulsion and form.
Model specialsSpecial designation of the model
Model sizeModel wingspan for planes, rotor-length for helicopters, and chassis width for
  1590 mm  
Model weightWeight - ready to fly incl. Batteries
  2270 g  
First service dayFirst active service date
  Link to Manufacturer page:    
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Initial setup was Hacker Brushless Engine A30-10XL powered by the combination of a X-70 SB Pro Controller and a SAEHAN 4/4000 14,8V 20C LiPo power pack. As propeller I used a APC-E 11x8. A SMC-14 35s and 4xDS 361 Digital Servos for RC-Control.
Changed to 2.4GHz

  Last change:     2016-07-07 08:58:08  
  Used components  
    1 x Graupner ESC T 60 G3,5 (33760) - 70x10x31.5mm / 67g [ Details | Web Link ]  
    1 x A30-10XL Engine A30-10XL Brushless (15716231) - 49x37mm / 177g [ Details | Web Link ]  
    4 x Graupner Servo DS 361 (5159) - 28x13x30mm / 18g [ Details | Web Link ]  
    1 x Graupner Receiver GR-16 HoTT (33508) - 46x14x21mm / 12g [ Details | Web Link ]  
  Used batteries  
    4 x HobbyKing Zippy Flightmax LiPo 4000mAh 4S1P 20C - 143x53x27mm / 399g [ Details | Web Link ]  
    4 x HobbyKing Turnigy LiPo 4000mAh 4S1P 20C - 142x50x28mm / 437g [ Details | Web Link ]  

Blog content
A new airplane when the sun comes out  
Posted by smurphy on Tuesday, 24 March 2009 - 19:23  GMT
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 Sometimes, I just need to get out to the sun. usually however, I don't like just walking around and watch the nature. Much more interesting usually is to actively do something. Like flying a radio controlled airplane.

Movie about a short flight here !!!

Update: The hardware has been updated to a GR-16 and a T-60 ESC from Graupner. This enables me to have telemetry data sent back to my Transmitter on the state of the plane's electronics.

In the past winter, I decided to have a new one and my choice fell on the Monsun 209. A very nice ARF Model from Graupner. In this case though, ARF (Almost Ready Fly) does not really apply.

Many parts did not fit as meant. The landing gear by example, was too short in a way, that the cowling wouldn't fit. The axis which would take every wheel, was already 2mm too short, needless to try putting in the cowling.
Additionally, the cowling wouldn't be able to take any provided wheel. They have been manufactured too small anyway, so in this case, useless.

The rudder and elevator had to be adjusted to fit in the provided holes on the hull. Last but not least, the main-wing attachment needed to be removed from the craft, and redone so the mounting holes for the wing-fixation would actually hold the wings in place. Some other little odities have also be fixed in the process.

As Engine kit, I decided to use typical Hacker hardware, notably: Hacker Brushless Engine A30-10XL powered by the combination of a X-70 SB Pro Controller and a SAEHAN 4/4000 14,8V 20C LiPo power pack. As propeller I used a APC-E 11x8. A SMC-14 35s and 4xDS 361 Digital Servos for RC-Control
Now - did that work ? As a good old collaegue of mine would say. With sufficient trust - pigs fly just fine. This combination provide enough power to do everything someone would want to do with an airplane !

The worst issue though was the front gear bogies linkage. It was meant to be easy to setup. Unfortunately during the second start of that plane, the front gear hit a small elevation on the grass, and made the locking device release the guidance to the front landing gear, turning it at an angle of about 70% to the right. So - in short, I realized that it would be quite a challenge for me to land the aircraft in one piece. Especially, that the Cabin - due to the vibration induced at start - jumped off the craft too 5 seconds after take-off (the contsruction is held in place by 2 magnets. If shifted to a side, the magnets would release it). This was the time when the second adrenaline push came through in about 6seconds.
Flying a loop around the airfield, I noticed that depending on the craft's position, the wind could make it very unresponsive to my control. My only option was to get the craft facing the wind, throttle the engine such as to still provide some ascending force, and let it land almost like a very slow airplane.

To make a long story short, it almost worked as I wanted. Only that I actually went too slow and the plane nosedived at around 30cm from the ground - which was not an issue. Actually, only the cabine took damage - but that one I couldn't control anyway as I was still flying (saving) the plane when it got loose.

Latest hardware setup stored in the RC Models DB  

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